Workshop ‘Do it yourself’

The Theunissen sisters set your brain and body in motion in an unusual way during the Permanent Beta Festival . About the workshop Down-to-earth and with unbridled enthusiasm, the Theunissen sisters are committed to a better life. Usually each in her own way, especially for Permanent Beta together. What do you get? An explosive mixture […]

Work in progress

In this blog section the complete archive of Nicolet will appear. That will take some time! If you are looking for something in particular, do not hesitate to contact us, or take a look on other pages.

IML on the INNOVATE festival on 5 Oktober

Future Life Research will be at the INNOVATE Festival in Arnhem on 5 October. We are running a walk-in workshop on Interactive Micro Learning (IML), the technology behind Do you want to decide for yourself what, how and when you want to learn? Do you realy want to implement your own intentions? Change your […]

Time-saving creativity

When cleaning up, I came across a drawing that I must have made around the age of 16. The assignment was to draw a messy antique store and I went to work enthusiastically (see bottom left of the drawing). But soon I saw that I had started too small so that the drawing would never […]