Visit to conference Character Education, UK

Recently I attended an inspiring conference on character education: Character Education: theories, practices, processes 13th, Eton, UK, 13 November 2019.The conference was organised by Eton College’s Tony Little Center in cooperation with BrainCanDo. Character education is all about instilling values like respect, justice and good citizenship in students. My aim was to gain inspiration about […]

Work in progress

In this blog section the complete archive of Nicolet will appear. That will take some time! If you are looking for something in particular, do not hesitate to contact us, or take a look on other pages.

Time-saving creativity

When cleaning up, I came across a drawing that I must have made around the age of 16. The assignment was to draw a messy antique store and I went to work enthusiastically (see bottom left of the drawing). But soon I saw that I had started too small so that the drawing would never […]

Negotiating with yourself: Don’t!

Negotiating with yourself = telling yourself that you don’t have to implement your good intentions for reasons that are clear to you. These were your own good plans, right? So: negotiating with yourself? DON’T! Does this sounds familiar: you have made a good intention and when the time comes, you convince yourself that you don’t […]

Love-hate relationship with gadgets.

Sorry, not translated yet, please use your browser’s instant translation option or sent me a request for translation Vandaag viel het me plotseling op: ik heb een haat-liefde verhouding met gadgets. Ja, je kunt me blij maken met apparaten die het leven makkelijker maken. Ik mag bijvoorbeeld graag met een glas witte wijn in de […]

Official establishment of Future Life Research

Today, the establishment of Future Life Research BV (FLR) is a fact! With the statutory purpose: Selling services and products in relation to scientific research and advice, in all its forms. Well, we can still go in all directions! What does not belong in the notarial documents but does belong to FLR is a vision […]