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The Virtues Mirror is fully operational.

Status update at The Virtues Mirror: a new online self-evaluation questionnaire to support moral development. The Virtues Mirror (in Dutch: Deugdenspiegel) is fully operational. Data-collection for validation and reliability tests is running in a convenience sample of people joining the MyVirtues website (in Dutch: The questionnaire is created based on a scientific literature […]

MyVirtues status update

Status update at Virtues for the 21th century: moral competences and moral development using ubiquitous learning Goal: Open any newspaper and you’ll see that society can use more virtuous behavior. However, virtues are often considered ‘old fashioned’ and people do not relate them to their (working)life. Therefore, the project (Dutch for is […]

Active waiting for inspiration.

Sorry, not translated yet, please use your browser’s instant translation option or sent me a request for translation Wetenschap is een mooi ding: er zijn allerlei methoden bedacht waarmee je de wereld op systematische wijze kunt bekijken. Maar ondanks alle wetenschappelijke methoden is onderzoek niets waard zonder creatieve ingevingen. Elk onderzoek start met de ingeving […]