Accepted paper AME : Sustainable Development Goals and Positive Behaviour

AME Conference, here we come again! Future Life Research researched SDG-actions and positive behavior of individuals. The results of the research are summarized in a short article and submitted to the 46th Conference of the Association of Moral Education. With the theme “Morality, Environmental Sustainability, and Education” that suits our research very well. A few […]

Friday the 13th: two performances

Why not try the risk of a Friday the 13th to the maximum? In the morning I was invited for a keynote lecture on the same day during the symposium Health care of the Future Erasmus MC-Sophia Children, organized by Welmer de Groot . I will tell about the scientific background and practical possibilities of¬† […]

Workshop ‘Do it yourself’

The Theunissen sisters set your brain and body in motion in an unusual way during the Permanent Beta Festival . About the workshop Down-to-earth and with unbridled enthusiasm, the Theunissen sisters are committed to a better life. Usually each in her own way, especially for Permanent Beta together. What do you get? An explosive mixture […]

Paper accepted for the Association for Moral Education

The Virtues Mirror is a questionnaire for online self-evaluation of moral behaviour. The questionnaire approaches virtues as state (not trait) to promote practicing virtues. The preliminary conclusion is that the questionnaire offers a good starting point for moral development. Theunissen, N.C.M. (2018) The Virtues Mirror: a new online self-evaluation questionnaire to support moral development. Paper […]

Paper accepted: Interdisciplinary Conference on Character and Virtues

This presentation reports about the first phase of the development of a virtues self-evaluation instrument: a search for virtues relevant for the 21th century professional. Theunissen, N. C. M. (2016). Virtues for the 21th century professional. Presentation at the Interdisciplinary Conference on Character and Virtues in the Professions, June 2-4 2016, University of Birmingham, UK, […]

Workshop “Professionally preparing for the future”

Sorry, not translated yet, please use your browser’s instant translation option or sent me a request for translation De wereld verandert en ze verandert snel: van communicatiemakers¬†wordt verwacht dat ze in hetzelfde tempo mee veranderen. En dat terwijl niemand precies weet wat de toekomst zal brengen. De onbekende toekomst vraagt daarom om mensen die flexibel […]

Workshop Virtues at Permanent Beta Festival

Sorry, not translated yet, please use your browser’s instant translation option or sent me a request for translation Deze keer geen overwegingen maar een stukje reclame. Binnenkort (ergens tussen 9 en 12 september, zodra ik meer weet weten jullie het ook) geef ik een nieuwe workshop rondom Deugden: Ook als het moeilijk wordt het ‘juiste’ […]