CD ‘Contrast’ – ANWO/BAR 999

Album information

The CD (which is still available) is written, arranged, engineered, produced & performed by A Modest Proposal. A Modest Proposal are: Nicolet Theunissen: vocals, Various Little Instruments (VLI), recorder; Ton Coolen: guitar, Chapman stick, violin; Bert van de Grift: things with knobs & buttons, VLI, grand piano.
They were assisted by: Steven Brown: sax on “Tango”, clarinet & vocals on “Miccacuicatl”; Tjitse Vogel: double bass on “Couleur Locale (live)”; Michael Baird: drums on “Couleur Locale (live)”; Paul Weiling: sax on “Couleur Locale (live)”; Ludwig Adriaansen: organ on “Couleur Locale (live)”; Roland Spekle: VLI on “Sub”, “Klungg”, “Winds” & “Gull”; Allert Aalders: engineered & produced “Couleur Locale (live)”; Martijn Voorvelt: co-arranged “Leaves” & “Ponder on Me”.
All music recorded june/july 1991 at “The Plan”, Utrecht & Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Utrecht.

Thanks to: Muziekcentrum Vredenburg, Academiegebouw RUU, Havic (Steven, Peter & Ernst), Saskia Rolsma, Bert & Marijke Theunissen, Karin Schussler, Ed, Nancy van de Grift-Sosef, Peter Knijnenburg, Stefan Rutten, Conductor: Arjen Bos, Members of USC & Utrechts Blazers Ensemble. Formgiving: The Neville Broddies.

Other information

A few copies are still available. If you are interested, send a message.
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Note: Soundcloud shows the songs in reverse order.