Competency profiles for positions in crisis communications and population management

This Dutch memo describes the Dr. Nicolet-led process of developing 14 competency profiles for crisis communications and population management. Using text analysis and sessions with experts, competencies were identified that can be used for training and selection.

Theunissen, N. C. M. (2014). Competentieprofielen voor functies in de crisiscommunicatie en de bevolkingszorg (Dutch: Competency profiles for positions in crisis communications and population management) . TNO memo nr TNO 2014 M11507. Soesterberg. The Netherlands: TNO Human Factors. 27 pag.

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Competencies are often used as a starting point when designing education and training for professionals. This also applies to the training of officials in crisis communication and population care. This memo briefly describes the process of developing 14 competency profiles and in the appendices the profiles themselves. The first step in the process involved analyzing the documents containing information about the functions. In this case, the qualification profiles of GROOT/GROOTER. The second step was to identify core competencies. The elements from the qualification profiles were arranged by type of competencies: Vocational competencies, Social competencies and Personal competencies. In step three, the core competencies were improved during two working session held with experts from the crisis communication field, experts involved in defining the qualification profiles and experts training for the crisis functions. The final step involved validating the draft profiles during a third session. After discussion and elaboration, a “living document” emerged containing a competency pool for officers in crisis communications and population care.


competencies, crisis communication, population management, training, core competencies,