Dr. Nicolet


Nicolet Theunissen = Dr. Nicolet: Senior scientist and Entrepreneur with a fascination for the unknown. – Inspiring speaker, teacher and writer who can make difficult subjects easy to comprehend. – Project leader, program leader, designer of innovative learning innovations such as BetterYourself.app and IML (Interactive Micro Learning) – Leads multi-disciplinary teams on the border between behaviour and technology. – Quickly oversees where the beaten track runs … and where not.

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Lectures, master classes and research projects

  • Ethics in practice through positive behaviour
    • How do you support people in their moral development?
    • How can organizations influence their integrity climate?
    • Keywords: Moral competencies, moral development, positive behaviour, virtues, Interactive Micro Learning, self-development, BetterYourself.app
    • Publications: Read more
  • Self-directed learning for unknown (technology) developments
    • How do you prepare for a future that nobody can foresee?
    • How do you support people so that they take control over their own learning and development?
    • Keywords: Learning and evaluation technology, psychology, self-directed learning, ubiquitous learning, e-learning, Interactive Micro Learning.
    • Publications: Read more
  • Self-management of illness and health
    • How do you support patients in taking control of their own illness and health?
    • How can caregivers anticipate this?
    • Keywords: Health Psychology, Quality of life, therapy compliance and adherence, self-management, eHealth, doctor-patient communication.
    • Publications: Read more
  • Making the elusive measurable
    • Can subjective opinions be measured objectively?
    • Does self-evaluation provide guidance for development?
    • Keywords: Quantitative and qualitative analyzes, questionnaire development, SPSS, methodology.
    • Publications: various publications within the first two themes, example: Read more


Nicolet Theunissen = Catharina 2.0: musician, singer and composer of alternative electronic pop. — Elegant stage beast that fuses pop, jazz and classical with a sense of drama. — Singer of layed back and intense pop-jazz songs in Sound of Balance. — Nicolet Theunissen = Nicolet: Amateur artist with a preference for oil on canvas. — Nerd who loves SF and craft projects with materials “that I still had”. — Volunteer in politics for campaign and talent development. — Social being, mother, wife, girlfriend, neighbor, listening ear, friendly passerby. — World Improver, eternally curious and looking for the challenge. — Recharging herself by messing around in the house and garden. — Allergic to boxes. — At her best when new situations require new combinations of knowledge and skills. — Many-sided person, multi person, renaissance person.