Future Life Research

Social innovations for the unknown.

The Future Life Research team helps people and organizations to prepare for the unknown. By finding solutions for as yet unknown problems. Through scientific research and via the innovative BetterYourself.app for integrity and positive behaviour.


Future Life Research BV (FLR) contributes to the unknown future through research and development, think tank sessions, master classes and keynotes on:

  • Ethics in practice through positive behaviour
  • Self-directed learning for unknown (technology) developments
  • Self-management of illness and health
  • Making the elusive measurable


FLR was founded in 2014 by Dr. ir. Nicolet C.M. Theunissen, senior scientist, psychologist, entrepreneur, musician and artist. She foresaw that standard training and education will not prepare you sufficiently for the future. Because more is needed than adapting to all technological and social changes. People not only need to adapt, they need to be able to contribute to and help shaping this changing world. The society as a whole needs people that can create a prosperous future. That is the challenge that FLR takes up.

Science ánd Practice

FLR conducts applied research according to scientific standards, whereby concrete solutions for practice are sought for. FLR takes the combination of science and practice very seriously and is only satisfied if a company or organization not only gets a good and reliable picture of the current situation, but also quickly sees the possibilities for future improvements.

Every organization ethical and positive!

FLR developed the BetterYourself.app (formerly MyVirtues.net) an innovative e-coaching website for positive behaviour and integrity. The website is for everyone who wants to work on their own positive behaviour: Individuals or organizations. BetterYourself.app can be used commercially for HRM or Compliance. With an online range of practical exercises, to be completed with research and evaluation. Focused on integrity and positive behaviour in practice.

Small company with great ambitions.

FLR is working on “Global doubling of positive behaviour, to be achieved in 2030”. A strong ambition inspired by the well-known Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals must put an end to poverty, inequality and climate change in 2030. That is only possible if people really go for it and use their positive behaviour. This can be achieved with help of BetterYourself.app, an English version of the Dutch MooierMens.app. With the slogan “Beautiful person, better yourself” people outside the Netherlands are also encouraged to contribute to a better world.