Intern Paulina introduces herself

About me

My name is Paulina Kamphuis, 21 years old and since February 2020 I have been working as an intern at Future Life Research. During my internship I will investigate the relationships between someone’s positive behaviour thru and his or her SDG behaviour on a weekly basis. SDGs what ..?

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The SDGs stand for Sustainable Development Goals. These goals have been formulated by the United Nations to create a better world for people and for the earth. These goals are at the core of my studies: I study Global Project and Change Management at Windesheim in Zwolle. During this bachelor study I am trained as a real changemaker. This teaches me a lot about the problems we currently have as a society. But also the skills to tackle these problems. I would like to contribute to a better world and that is why I have chosen this study.

How I got to Future Life Research

When you follow a Bachelor study, of course you need a suitable graduation internship where you do research and write your thesis. I had been looking for a while, and the right internship had not yet come my way. Until my mom pointed out an article in the newspaper, “Paulina, I believe this is how you want to improve the world.” The newspaper article was about the vision of Future Life Research. Improving the world by encouraging positive behaviour? This vision I like to join! That is how I ended up at Future Life Research.

In conclusion

Thinking in possibilities, and working on the goal of doubling positive behavior in 2030. This is what I will focus on in the coming months. This totally suits! Very much looking forward to the learning process, the discoveries I will encounter and contributing to a bigger whole: making the world a bit more positive.

Paulina Kamphuis