Negotiating with yourself: Don’t!

Negotiating with yourself = telling yourself that you don’t have to implement your good intentions for reasons that are clear to you. These were your own good plans, right? So: negotiating with yourself? DON’T!

Does this sounds familiar: you have made a good intention and when the time comes, you convince yourself that you don’t have to do it? For example, that you want to do some abs exercises immediately after getting up. Or write that important piece for lunch. You plan it, you are in good spirits to start. But when the time comes, you come up with all kinds of good reasons why you should postpone it. Lack of time or energy, or other ‘good’ reasons. So you are sort of negotiating with yourself. You are impressed by your own arguments that give you reasons for not doing what you intended. How do you prevent that? Don’t argue with yourself, just do it. Immediately do those abs exercises and just start writing that important piece. Much more relaxed and you are even more productive!

Nicolet Theunissen