Our team

Here you can see (in alphabetical order) what everyone is doing for Future Life Research and, in particular for MooierMens.app/BetterYourself.app and Leerbaas.app/LearnLikeABoss.app. Want to know what else someone has to offer? Then click on the picture.

Current team

Michael Bordeaux

Web development (Wijzijnwolf)

Pauline Buit

Educational design/ Text/Blogs

Paulina Kamphuis

Research SDGs/Blogs

Wouter Nijhof

Educational advice (Leerfix)

Robertine Paul

Accounting (Admin10)

Robbie Stouten

Graphical design (Robbies)

Kelvin Tan

Front-end development (Wijzijnwolf)

Dr. Nicolet Theunissen

Director/Science /Creative/eCoach

Contributed previously

Mees Bangert


Emma Coppieters


Job Eggink

SEO (Best4U-IM)

Leroy Filon

Video (Wijzijnwolf)

Jolanda van der Marel

Educational design/ Text

Sverre Prins

Web translation & Communication

DirkJan Thiescheffer


Esther van der Wegen

Story telling (Huis van Duif)

Dorien Zwarthoed

VA (The Virtual Support Company)