Stimulate your employees to put the Sustainable Development Goals and integrity policies into practice!

Does your organization value the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and integrity?, the English version of, creates awareness among employees and stimulates them to translate SDG’s and integrity policies into practice. By means of a personal annual subscription to, employees become intrinsically motivated to take action and to ‘do the right thing, even when nobody is watching’. For themselves, for the organization and for a better world!

What’s is an innovative web app with fun practical assignments which you can immediately put into practice. Using Interactive Micro Learning (IML) participants get more insight into what they can do to better themselves. They start with a self-evaluation and, after feedback, choose what they’ll be working on: specific positive behavior and/or SDG actions. For this, a variety of small modules and step-by-step plans are available to use. The combination of chosen concrete behavior and variation in exercises offers more than 3600 ways to work unlimitedly on positive behavior. The web app is like a Netflix or Spotify for positive behavior!

This is how works

Evidence based

  • Programs for behavioral change.
  • Created by behavioral and educational experts.
  • Extra: independent research.
  • Measure intervention effects.


  • From policy to concrete actions.
  • Learning for practice, in practice.
  • Available anytime, anywhere.
  • Scalable, both nationally and internationally.


  • Always positive: from good to better.
  • Common language with no age or job boundaries.
  • For practically and theoretically trained employees.
  • For a better world!


For organizations, we offer three programs aimed at behavioral change:

  • Program 1 “Positive in action for the SDGs”. Gives employees a grip on actions for the SDGs.
  • Program 2 “Integrity and positivity for all organizations”. Encourages employees to do the ‘right thing’ for a positive moral climate.
  • Program 3 “Personal leadership”. With this program, employees automatically balance their qualities and talents for business and private life.

An organization receives a private homepage on with one or more selected programs and a year membership for all employees. Optionally, specific online modules or life training courses can be additionally created. The exercises on can be supplemented with on-site training for a Blended Learning approach. Contact us for more information

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