What is IML?

Interactive Micro Learning (IML), a modern alternative to e-learning

Why IML?

Due to the 1.5 meter Corona regulations, the capacity of many courses and training sessions on location has been severely reduced. Many training companies and corporate HR professionals are therefore looking for online alternatives to replace or supplement the live meetings. However, most existing online concepts, such as e-learning and webinars, focus on knowledge transfer. This is too limited an alternative to training aimed at practising skills or competencies and personal development.

Future Life Research has developed a new online learning concept that makes practical exercises, competence oriented and experiential learning possible: Interactive Micro Learning or IML.

What is IML?

IML is a web app with accessible, interactive micro-learning exercises. It teaches the participant to change his or her own behaviour and to execute his or her intentions. IML offers an exciting new way of learning and development. Designed by behavioural and educational experts and fun to do. With easy, inspiring assignments that can be immediately put into practice. IML offers online modules focused on practising skills, competency-based learning, knowledge through experiential learning, and personal development.

Do you want to decide for yourself what, how and when you want to learn? Do you really want to carry out your own intentions? Change your own behaviour? IML makes that possible!

With IML the learner can start working wherever and whenever he wants, mobile or on the computer. Short modules or an extensive step-by-step plan can be chosen. Self-evaluations provide feedback and focused learning. With IML inside the learner takes the responsibility for his/her own learning.

Two IML applications have been developed: BetterYourself.app for more positive behaviour and Velco Online Academy for company emergency response workers. Want to know more? Please, contact us for a demo.

The advantages of IML


  • From policy to concrete actions.
  • Learning for practice, in practice.
  • Available anytime, anywhere (desktop and mobile).
  • Scalable, both nationally and internationally.


  • Safe website with complete privacy.
  • Modern educational approach.
  • Created evidence based by behavioural and educational experts.
  • Quantify the effect of interventions!


  • Challenging little exercises.
  • Recognizable examples from practice.
  • Always positive: from good to better.
  • For practically and theoretically trained employees.

IML is registered with the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP) under trademark number: 1400239.