Sushilla introduces herself

About me

My name is Sushilla and since April I am working for Future Life Research as communication- and education officer. My background is very diverse: originally I am educated as a baker and pastrychef, I worked as a stable manager on different stud farms in Belgium, France, Austria and Denmark and in 2020 I finished my study in Natural- and Cultural Heritage Management. I am a true nature lover and I like to share my passion with others. Nature has a huge value, both for our physical and emotional health. It is important to preserve our beautiful nature and that people learn to value it. In that way they will be more willingly to preserve and protect it. Information and education are therefore very important!

What will be my job at FLR?

As communication- and education officer I will be responsible for all inline communications of Future Life Research and its products as and I will apply changes to existing modules or add new ones, also for the IML-product ,