Sverre Prins introduces himself

About me

My name is Sverre Prins, I am 18 years old, and I have been working at Future Life Research since September. May 2020 I obtained my high school degree, and I chose to take a gap year. This way, I can save up some money for my studies and make a well considered choice of study.
Furthermore, I am a real book nerd, I like to spend time with friends, and I also work as a bartender at Restaurant de Smoezer here in Apeldoorn.

What am I going to do at FLR?

I’m going to translate documents and web pages into English for Future Life Research,, and Velco‘s Online Academy. This will ensure that both Velco Online Academy and can be understood by a broader audience, a real step up!

So why does this job really fit me? Well, personally, I’ve always liked English, and I’ve also passed several exams in the language. The FCE (First Certificate in English) from Cambridge Assessment English institute for example, is one of them. I am also working to get my C1 Advanced (Cambridge English: Advanced). I will joyfully apply my knowledge and passion for language in translating, Velco and!

Sverre Prins