Paper accepted for the Association for Moral Education

The Virtues Mirror is a questionnaire for online self-evaluation of moral behaviour. The questionnaire approaches virtues as state (not trait) to promote practicing virtues. The preliminary conclusion is that the questionnaire offers a good starting point for moral development. Theunissen, N.C.M. (2018) The Virtues Mirror: a new online self-evaluation questionnaire to support moral development. Paper […]

Paper: iSELF: the development of an Internet-Tool

This paper describes the theoretical basis and development of the iSELF: an Internet-tool for Self-Evaluation and Learner Feedback to stimulate self-directed learning in ubiquitous learning environments. Theunissen, N.C.M., Stubbé, H.E. (2014) iSELF: the development of an Internet-Tool for Self-Evaluation and Learner Feedback. Electronic Journal of E-Learning (EJEL), 12(4), 313–325. PDF / Journal link Abstract This paper describes […]