Workshop ‘Do it yourself’

The Theunissen sisters set your brain and body in motion in an unusual way during the Permanent Beta Festival .

About the workshop

Down-to-earth and with unbridled enthusiasm, the Theunissen sisters are committed to a better life. Usually each in her own way, especially for Permanent Beta together. What do you get? An explosive mixture of Jeanine’s ‘Do-it-yourself maintenance for your body and mood’ ( (Health Workshops)) and Nicolet’s “Beatiful person, better yourself!” ( ). Join their preference for easily digestible energetic action, strong joy work and being strategically lazy. Set your brain and body in motion in an unusual way with an overdose of Sister-power!

About Permanent Beta Festival

The Permanent Beta Festival (PBF) is Open Source in real life. A “meeting of minds”, a cross-pollination between the different networks and people. Everyone with their own disciplines, interests and talents. The festival consists of what the participants contribute. This results in a very diverse program with various activities, workshops and creative projects. Nobody is hired or paid, and together we pay the costs for all infrastructure.

About the combination

During the PBF we (Jeanine and the undersigned) go for a ‘meeting of minds’. We are giving a workshop together for the first time. An experiment! Maybe it will be worth repeating. Already interested? tell us!