IML on the INNOVATE festival on 5 Oktober

Future Life Research will be at the INNOVATE Festival in Arnhem on 5 October. We are running a walk-in workshop on Interactive Micro Learning (IML), the technology behind

Do you want to decide for yourself what, how and when you want to learn? Do you realy want to implement your own intentions? Change your behavior yourself? You can do it yourself with a new web app that makes Interactive Micro learning (IML) possible.
You can do it yourself with a new web app that makes Interactive Microlearning (IML) possible. IML is an exciting new way of learning and developing. With easy, practical assignments that you can put into practice immediately. Designed by behavioral and educational experts and fun to do. With which you can get started wherever and whenever you want, mobile or on the computer. Whether you opt for short modules or an extensive step-by-step plan, you are the director!

During the walk-in workshop you will discover the building blocks with which you can make your first design for an IML. So you get a feel for what you can do with it. The nicest design gets a prize. You can also try out the existing IML web apps yourself: for more positive behavior and Velco-IML for safety exercises. Experience it for yourself 🙂

With the above text we have registered with the INNOVATE Festival in Arnhem. During the Festival, 150+ innovators will show for three days together how they tackle today’s and tomorrow’s challenges with art, technology and science. Super of course that we are there. Put it in your agenda!

Oh, and this is how we are mentioned in the program (translated from Dutch):

Do implement your intentions with IML.
Get started with your own goals during the walk-in workshop IML. Discover building blocks with which you can design an IML yourself. IML stands for Interactive Micro Learning and offers an alternative to e-learning. Through low-threshold, interactive micro-learning exercises you learn to change your behavior and implement your intentions.

Come and see the examples of IML from different domains (personal development, support for digital low-literate people and safety exercises) and design your own IML! text Innovate