Singers M/F wanted for mini performance of BiNT

Dear BiNT exclusive,

we have the pleasure of inviting you to a BiNT mini-show ‘between the sliding doors’. And ….. as an extra bonus you are invited to the corresponding Nicolet party!

The repertoire: ‘Fortune teller’ (see BiNT demo and now also on BiNT exclusive) and ‘Trow a spark’, which was previously known as ‘A walk in central park’ (see BiNT workshop).

Now we could use a few singers (m/f) for a small background choir. Are you picking up a melody quickly, then this is your chance to make yourself exclusive! Then contact us via

We are going to try to record the mini performance. If that sounds nice, we will post it on the BiNT exclusive members only website.

Read everything about the party via:

(click on it and you will automatically get to the right internet page. But if you are going to type this address yourself, pay attention to the pendulum / tilde ~ before swinding! and you see no fish on the internet, refresh your screen (refresh, reload or whatever that is called with your internet program).

on behalf of BiNT, greetings from Nicolet